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 Travelling to Krakow


The John Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice.
For all information about the airport, airlines and timetables click here.


The city is easily and comfortably accessible by train from all larger cities in Poland, e.g. the journey by InterCity train from Warsaw takes only 2.5 hours.
Apart from local transport systems, Krakow also has direct railway links with Berlin, Budapest, Bucarest, Hamburg, Kiev, Lviv, Prague, Vienna .
All trains stop at the Main Railway Station in Krakow .

More information about railway in Poland and the timetable you will find here.


The bus/coach station is located on Bosacka Street (east side of the railway station). 

More information about timetables you will find here.

  Polish visa requirements

  For information on polish visa requirements click here.


  • Austrian Consulate General, ul. Krupnicza 42, phone: (12) 424 99 00

  • Consulate General of the Republic of France, ul. Stolarska 15, phone: (12) 424 53 00

  • Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, ul. Stolarska 7, phone: (12) 424 30 00

  • Consulate General of the Russian Federation, ul. Biskupia 7, phone: (12) 422 26 47

  • Consulate General of the Republic of Hungary, ul. Sw. Marka 7/9, phone: (12) 422 56 79

  • Consulate General of the United States of America, ul. Stolarska 9, phone: (12) 424 51 00

  • Honorary Consulate of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, ul. Sw. Anny 9, phone: (12) 421 70 30

Tourist Information Points   

  • Town Hall Tower (Main Market Square) Mon-Sun 9 am-5 pm

  • ul. Szpitalna 25, Mon-Sun 9 am-5 pm

  • ul. Sw. Jana 2, Mon-Sat 10 am-6 pm

  • ul. Józefa 7, Mon-Fri 10 am-4 pm

  • Krakow-Balice International Airport (passenger terminal), Mon-Sun 9 am-5 pm

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  • For general information about weather in Poland click here.

  • For the current weather forecast for Krakow click here.

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  Time and data in Krakow/Poland


Poland's official currency is the Polish Zloty, divided into 100 groszy. The currency comes in coins (from 1 grosz to 5 zlotys) and bills (from 10 zlotys to 200 zlotys).

The Polish zloty is fully convertible, so you can get them everywhere. Please note that most banks will not have them immediately available. Order them on time or just exchange in Poland.


There are a number of banks as well as automatic teller machines located around the Main Square, which accept most major credit and charge cards. Moreover, most shops in the city centre allow payment by card.

  Currency Exchange

Currencies can be exchanged in currency exchange shops marked "kantor" that can be found both in the centre of the city and further away from it. Many of these are situated on the streets leading to the Main Square. It is also possible to exchange your money in banks, yet the rates are less favourable there. For current exchange rates click here.

24/7 Shops in the Centre:
  • A&C, ul. Starowislna 1
  • Kefirek, ul. Szpitalna 38
  • Avita, Rynek Kleparski 5
  • Crystin, ul. Krakowska 22
  • Hean, ul. Królewska 49
  • Alma - Grocery Online
  • Piekarnia mojego taty (My daddy's bakery) - 6 Meiselsa Str, Kazimierz open every day from 8 p.m till 6 in the morning!  Delicious! MUST SEE when in Krakow!

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  Information about Poland

Find information about polish Geography, History, Society, Culture, Economy,  Science and Media here.

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Kraków is generally safe for travellers.

There are places where you can count not only for competent and prompt intervention but also for comprehensive also formal and legal assistance and professional support in all stressful situations.

If you were a witness of a crime, if you want to pass on important information to the police, if you need  help, contact the police immediately, they will give you all necessary information.

If you are a victim of crime, immediately report it to the Police:

Posterunek Policji Rynek Główny 27
KP I ul. Szeroka 35
KP II ul. Lubicz 21
KP III ul. Pędzichów 5

or call: 112 or 997


  • Ambulance: 999

  • Police: 997

  • Kraków - Stare Miasto (City Centre) Police Station, ul. Szeroka 35; phone: (12) 615 29 14

  • Police Station in the Main Market Square: Rynek Glówny 29; 24/7 phone: (12) 615 73 17 (24/7)

  • Fire Brigade: 998

All emergencies, phoning from a mobile telephone: 112

You can also call at any time Krakowapartments4rent number: +48 693 173 792

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  Medical Aid

  • 24/7 Medical Information, phone: (12) 661 22 40, (12) 94 39
  • 24/7 Medical Emergency and Ambulance Service:

        - ul. Łazarza 14; emergencies: 999, (12) 424 42 00,
          illnesses and medical transport: (12) 422 29 99

        - Rynek Podgórski 2, phone: 656 59 99

  • Private 24/7 Operators of Medical Services:

        - Falck: (12) 9675, 639 54 01
        - Scanmed: (12) 412 36 93

  • Dental Emergency Ward:

        - Denta-Med, ul. Austiańska 13, tel. (12) 292 33 00 (24/7)
        - "Vitadent", ul. Dietla 38, tel. 432 86 00 (8 am-12 pm)

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  Rent a Bike        

  • Cycling News From Cracow - Krakow's local cycling webpage in English also map of cycle paths

  • Art-Bike, ul. Starowislna 33, phone 422 04 25, Mon. - Fri. 9 am - 6 pm, Sat. 10 am - 6 pm (following telephone arrangements also Sundays and holidays)

  • Cyklomaster, ul. Galczyńskiego 10, phone 647 92 33, Mob. 0602 318 510

  • Dwa Kola, ul. Józefa 5, phone 421 57 85, Mon-Sun 9am - 8 pm

  • Rent a Bike (bikes and scooters), mob. 00 48 888 028 792, rented bikes and scooters can be delivered free of charge within the area of Krakow)

  • Rent a Bike, ul. Bracka 4, phone 429 11 06, Mob. 0660 761 701

  • Rent a Bike, ul. Sw. Anny 4, mob. 0501 745 986, from 9 am till dusk Alice Drive, ul. Podgórska 28, Tue - Sat 2 pm - 8 pm, Sun 10 am - 8 pm

  • Self service municipal bike rentals Bike One  You will find 13 places with the bikes through the city centre:          

  Public Transport

Tickets valid on trams and buses can be purchased in kiosks and special MPK ticket centres and, with a surcharge, from the driver.
The following types of tickets are available: single-trip (allows one way trip, without interchange), night ticket (allows one way trip by night buses, without interchange), group tickets for up to 15 or 20 persons, one-hour (valid for unlimited travel for one hour on trams and buses, invalid on night buses), 24-hour (valid for unlimited travel for 24 hours on trams, buses and night buses), 48-hour (valid for unlimited travel for 48 hours on trams, buses and night buses) , 72-hour (valid for unlimited travel for 72 hours on trams, buses and night buses).
All types of tickets should be validated in the ticket puncher immediately after boarding a vehicle.
A monthly pass may be purchased for a single line or for all means of public transport.
All tickets are available at normal and reduced rates. The reduced rates, however, are unavailable for foreigners.
For each item of luggage bigger than: 60 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm, it is necessary to validate a ticket according to the price list below.

  Tickets :

  • Single trip - 2,50 zł
  • Night ticket - 5,00 zł
  • Group of up to 15 people - 21,00 zł
  • Group of up to 20 people - 24,00 zł
  • One hour pass - 3,10 (no luggage rate)
  • 24-hour pass - 10,40 (no luggage rate)
  • 48-hour pass - 18,80 (no luggage rate)
  • 72-hour pass - 25,00 (no luggage rate)
  • Find maps of tram lines and bus lines in Krakow.

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      Car rental
    • ACCAR Car Rental (rented cars are delivered free of charge within the area of Krakow), mob. (0048) 501 233 394, phone: (0048) 12 433 80 60.

    • AVIS Rent a Car, ul. Lubicz 23, phone (0048) 12 629 61 08, mob. (0048) 601 200 702.

    • Budget Rent a Car, Motel Krak, ul. Radzikowskiego 99-101, phone: (0048) 12 637 00 89, mob. (0048) 601 354 669.

    • Balice Airport, phone: (0048) 12 285 50 25.

    • Doma, al. Jan Pawla II 33, room 35, phone: (0048) 12 292 41 09, mob. (0048) 608 454 062.

    • Europcar, Balice Airport, phone: (0048) 12 285 50 45, ul. Szlak 2, phone: (0048) 633 77 73.

    • Express, ul. Rzemieslnicza 31, phone: (0048) 12 260 76 50.

    • Hertz Rent a Car, ul. Focha 1, phone: (0048) 12 429 62 62.

    • Joka, Palac Pugetów, ul. Starowislna 13, phone: (0048) 12 429 66 30, mob. (0048) 601 545 368.

    • Lupus, ul. Wadowicka 6e, phone: (0048) 12 263 78 20, mob. (0048) 501 726 946.

    • National Car Rental, Balice Airport, phone: (0048) 12 639 32 86, mob. (0048) 509 761 461.

    • West, ul. Makuszynskiego 4, phone (0048) 12 648 66 65, mob. (0048) 502 533 915.

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      By car: Limited Traffic and Parking Zones


    There are three limited traffic and parking zones within the City centre of Krakow. It is necessary to pay parking fees within these zones. Entrance to limited traffic and parking zones is indicated on information boards marked D-44. These information boards signal entrance to the zone where parking fees are collected. Parking cars in these zones without payment of parking fees is prohibited, except in the case of vehicles belonging to persons or entities granted free access and parking public transportation vehicles in designated areas. The D-44 information board is effective to the point where it is cancelled. Parking fees are enforced using parking cards or subscribed parking permits. Parking cards are forms filled out individually and may be purchased at kiosks, post offices, commercial facilities marked with special icons, and from patrolling traffic wardens (recognizable by their yellow vests).

    Zone A
    This zone is contained within the area of the Main Square and Szewska, Sławkowska, Floriańska streets, a section of Sienna street (from the Small Market to the Main Market), a section of Grodzka street (from the Main Square to Poselska street), Kanonicza, Senacka streets, a section of Pijarska street (from Szpitalna to Floriańska). The zone prohibits vehicle traffic and is designated only for pedestrians and cyclists.

    Zone B

    The B zone encompasses several streets within the Planty area and a section of Długa, Basztowa and Karmelicka streets. Absolute priority is given to pedestrians and the maximum driving speed should not exceed 20km/h. Parking is permitted only in designated areas.

    Zone C
    Zone C includes several dozen streets surrounding the Planty area, mainly within the belt from the centre to Trzech Wieszczów avenues (Krasińskiego, Mickiewicza, Słowackiego avenues). Parking time limitations for vehicles are not obligatory within this zone. Parking cards can be purchased at kiosks, post offices, the City Hall of Krakow, and from traffic wardens patrolling parking zones.

      Krakow Tourist Card

    The Krakow Tourist Card saves you money and time. By using the Card the tourists will enjoy the stay in our old town bustling with life.
    The two or three day card entitles the holder to free travel on city buses and trams and to free entry in up to 32 Krakow museums. The Card is valid on city buses and trams day and night, it is also valid on the city bus route no 192 to Krakow's international airport. Krakow has a rich and varied array of museums. Some of them have unique collections of art and are located in some of the city's most architecturally valued buildings. Cardholders can also make use of the various discounts on offer in selected restaurants and shops as well as local trips and excursions.

    The card is in your name and cannot be transferred to someone else. The card is valid only with the date entered by the seller and the holder's signature. The two day card is valid from midnight of the day indicated on the reverse side until midnight the following day. The card for three days is valid from midnight of the day indicated for three days including the day indicated on the card. The card expires at midnight of the last day of its validity.
    The Card is roughly the size of a credit card and is made of plastic.

    Price of the Card:
    45 PLN for two days card
    65 PLN for three days card

    The Krakow Tourist Card is available at the tourist information points.

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    Candle Lighting Times for Shabbat and Holidays 

    Kraków Diamond Way Buddhist Center                

    Buddhist centre in Krakow - Sanghaloka              


    Instituto Italiano di Cultura 


    Krakow apartments