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Opera Krakowska opera
Lubicz 48

Filharmonia Krakow philharmonic
Zwierzyniecka 1

Capella Cracoviensis capella cracoviensis
Capella Cracoviensis

koncerty chopinowskie Krakow chopin concerts
Chopin Concerts
Main Square 14 at Polonia House

Muzeum Galicja; Galicia Jewish Museum concerts of jewish music
Concerts of Jewish and Gypsy Music
Adress: Dajwor 18 at Galicia Jewish Museum


Teatr Stary Krakow
Stary Theatre
The Stary Theatre ( Stary mean Old) is one of the oldest Polish professional stages.
Already in the 19th century, the Stary Theatre assumed the role of national theatre. It earned the name by the famous stagings of the dramatic literature whose message was found to be so relevant to the political situation of Poland.
Adress: 1 Jagiellonska Str

teatr slowackiego krakow slowackiego theatre
Słowackiego Theatre
From its inception as an artistic institution (it was opened on 21 October 1893), the theatre on Pl. Św. Ducha was a venue of the avant-garde in theatre. Alongside classics, it put on new plays.
Adress: Plac Św. Ducha 1

Teatr Bagatela Krakow bagatela
Bagatela Theatre
In the year 2000 the Theatre is celebrating 80 years of its existence.Today the programme offer of the Bagatela Theatre is constructed in a way that is focused both on the adult and the young spectator and endeavours to instil in the two groups the practice and the need to participate in culture.
Adress: 6 Karmelicka Str

krakow teatr groteska groteska
Groteska Theatre
Theatre of Dolls, Masks and Actors
Adress: 2 Skarbowa Str

Teatr Krakow stu
Stu Theatre
For many years, the STU was "a theatre on the road", looking for its identity and place on earth. It wandered over the world, performing in more than twenty countries. In 1975 the STU obtained the status of a professional theatre and became one in the organisational sense, maintaining, however, the independence and specific atmosphere of an alternative theatre.
Adress: Al. Krasinskiego 16-18

Tadeusza Kantor's Gallery/Atelier:
Adress: ul. Sienna 7/5

laznia nowa
Laznia Nowa Theatre
Post-industrial halls with the smell of tar and the floor of wooden chocks, 4500 square metres of artistic space, where everything’s possible. People working here always think what they want to do and then... they do it. Spectacles, concerts, cinema, the π stage, recording studios, cafeteria. Thoughts are in motion non-stop.
Adress: Nowa Huta District/ os. Szkolne 25
Teatr Nowy Krakow nowy
Nowy Theatre
Adress: Gazowa 21

Kto Theatre
"Traditional stage experience together with street theatre experiments constitued a specific language of the theatre, where the meaning is expressed by actor's body, voice, movement, but also music and occasionally a few words."
Adress: Gzymsikow 8
Kino pod Baranami

pod baranami

Pod Baranami
: 27 Main Square

Kino Ars Krakow ars
Ars Cinema
kino kijow kijów

Kijow Cinema
Adress: Al. Krasinskiego 34

Kino Mikro


Mikro Cinema
Adress: Lea 5
Cinema City Kazimierz
Adress: Podgórska 34 (Galeria Kazimierz)
Adress: Dobrego Pasterza 128
  For kids
Ogrd Doswiadczen Krakow GARDEN OF EXPERIENCES
Stanislaw Lem Garden of Experiences
An open-air education exhibition (which is a part of Museum of Municipal Engineering) covers the area of 6 ha within the Polish Pilots Park in Krakow.
Adress: Al. Pokoju 67                       Phone:+48 504 003 460
Adress: Nieduza 4


Groteska Theatre
Theatre of Dolls, Masks and Actors
Adress: 2 Skarbowa Str

  Festivals & Events
Sacrum Profanum Festival KrakowApartments4rent Sacrum-Profanum
   Jewish Culture Festival KrakowApartments4rent
Jewish Culture Festival
Cracow Screen Festival
Art Boom Festival
Coke Music Festival KrakowApartments4rent Coke Live Festival
Theater Reminiscences
Krakow Ballet Spring
Boska Komedia
  Misteria Paschalia Festival KrakowApartments4rent
Misteria Paschalia
Off camera
Selector Festival
Summer Jazz Festival
International Street Theatre Festival
Opera Rara Festival KrakowApartments4rent Opera Rara
Bach Festival
Ludwig van Beethoven Festival
Great Dragon Parade
Krakow's All Souls Jazz Festival
Masters and Youngsters Jazz Festival
Wianki - Floating of the Wreaths
June  - the shortest night of a year
International Sailor's Song Festival
Dachshund Parade
Soup Festival
Genius Loci Festival
Krakow Book Fair
International Festival of Military Bands
Paka - Cabaret Review
Juwenalia - Student's Festival
 Students's Song Festival